Is Reading Vine an online reading class that students use on their own?

No. Reading Vine is designed to be accessed and used by teachers, tutors and parents who want to supplement their students’ existing lessons with additional reading materials and worksheets.

What can I find at Reading Vine?

Reading Vine gives teachers, tutors and parents access to a wide variety of different reading passages and related questions they can share with students to help improve reading skills. You’ll find fiction and nonfiction targeted for specific grade levels, skills and topic discussions.

How can I use the materials?

Use the materials for one­on­one instruction, group lessons or with an entire classroom, either in school or at home. Read passages aloud with the students or assign them as independent reading on their own.

What kind of questions and worksheets are provided?

Questions and worksheets that accompany the texts focus on concepts students should understand by a particular grade level.

Can you give me an example of some questions?

Grade 1 questions, for instance, may ask about things like a passage’s main idea and story elements. Those for Grade 12 will extend to include things like word relationships, the impact of word choice, tone and analogies.

Do I have to know the answers to the questions?

No. You’re working hard enough already! Questions come with answers, or a range of possible responses if questions may elicit a variety of answers.

Do I have to read the material off the computer screen?

No, not unless you want to. Passages, questions and worksheets you want to use can be saved, downloaded and printed out for you and your students’ convenience.

Does the material align with academic standards?

Yes. All questions from Reading Vine align with several sets of standards, including the Common Core, and specific state standards.

How much does it cost?

Reading Vine is free. No cost. No catch. Just quality reading materials and worksheets designed to improve reading skills – yours for the taking!

How do I get started?

Teachers, tutors, parents and other interested users simply need to register and they’re in. You can start accessing materials right after you confirm your registration.