1st grade reading comprehension
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1st Grade Reading Passages

Below you'll find 1st grade reading comprehension passages along with questions and answers. These printable, elementary school worksheet activities include excerpts from short stories and books as well as high-interest information topics. 

(154) Results for 1st Grade Reading Passages

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Children will learn about how plants grow from a seed to a flowering plant. Children will answer questions about details, seque...

224 Words, K-1st Grades, 0 - 410L, Compare and Contrast, Figurative Language, Story Elements

We Will Not Have Fun!

by RV staff writer

Children will read a story about a girl who learns t...

225 Words, 1st-2nd Grades, 0 - 410L, Main / Central Idea, Story Elements, Summary, Theme

Who Lives There?

by RV staff writer

Parks are not just a place for humans to play, they ...

217 Words, 1st-2nd Grades, 420L - 730L, Main / Central Idea

A Retelling of Belling the Cat

by Aesop

Aesop wrote many charming and well-loved fables. Eac...

255 Words, 1st-2nd Grades, 420L - 730L, Main / Central Idea, Summary, Theme