8th grade reading comprehension
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8th Grade Reading Passages

Below you'll find 8th grade reading comprehension passages along with questions and answers and related vocabulary activities. Great for reading skills development  for middle and rising high school students. 

(126) Results for 8th Grade Reading Passages

Romeo Meets Juliet

by William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet

Act I, Scene 5 passage: In this passage from "Romeo ...

218 Words, 8th-10th Grades, Figurative Language, Rhythm & Rhyme, Summary

The Friar's Plan

by William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet

Act IV, Scene 1 passage: This passage from "Romeo an...

565 Words, 8th-10th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Story Elements

Capulet's Garden

by William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet

Act II, Scene 2 passage: This passage is from the ba...

262 Words, 8th-10th Grades, 420L - 730L, Character Traits, Figurative Language, Summary

The Prologue from Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is the clas...

114 Words, 8th-10th Grades, 1300L +, Story Elements, Summary, Theme

The Lady with the Lamp

by Laura E. Richards from Florence Nightingale: The Angel of the Crimea

Chapter XI passage: Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)...

638 Words, 6th-8th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Context Clues, Figurative Language, Symbolism, Theme


Students will read a story about a camping trip that turns into an unforgettable adventure. Students will answer questions abou...

556 Words, 7th-9th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Character Traits, Main / Central Idea, Story Elements

Machines Like Us

by Staff Writer

Students will read a passage about robotics and the ...

635 Words, 8th-9th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Compare and Contrast, Main / Central Idea, Summary

The Homesick Connecticut Yankee

by Mark Twain from "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court "

Chapter VII passage: Mark Twain published "A Connect...

433 Words, 6th-9th Grades, 1060L - 1290L, Compare and Contrast, Context Clues, Figurative Language, Summary

Mark Twain: How to Tell a Story

by Mark Twain

While Mark Twain wrote many fictional works, he also...

335 Words, 6th-9th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Summary

The House of Usher

by Edgar Allan Poe from The Fall of the House of Usher

“The Fall of the House of Usher” is a short story wr...

232 Words, 6th-9th Grades, 1060L - 1290L, Context Clues, Figurative Language