8th grade reading comprehension
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8th Grade Reading Passages

Below you'll find 8th grade reading comprehension passages along with questions and answers and related vocabulary activities. Great for reading skills development  for middle and rising high school students. 

(126) Results for 8th Grade Reading Passages

Cielito Lindo

by Traditional

Presented here in both Spanish and English, this tra...

216 Words, 6th-8th Grades, Context Clues, Figurative Language

Fortune Cookie Friends

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

Mei Mei is new in town and has a tough time making f...

702 Words, 6th-8th Grades, Context Clues, Story Elements

Radio Station Contest

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

Zoe and Alexis are sad because they don’t have ticke...

660 Words, 6th-8th Grades, Character Traits, Fact and Opinion, Story Elements

Old Dog

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

This short but impactful poem describes the ways a p...

197 Words, 6th-9th Grades, Rhythm & Rhyme, Summary, Theme

Primary Source: Washington Monument Is Almost Finished

from Wisconsin State Journal, January 2, 1885

The Washington Monument is an iconic memorial on the...

635 Words, 8th-12th Grades, Summary

Boy Crazy

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

Kayla and Taylor have known Lucas forever, but after...

692 Words, 6th-8th Grades, Context Clues, Figurative Language, Theme

Primary Source: The Statue of Liberty

from Huntsville (Alabama) Gazette, November 6, 1886

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1...

734 Words, 8th-11th Grades, Compare and Contrast, Context Clues, Summary

The Lady Librarians of the 1930s

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

Based on the real-life Pack Horse Library Initiative...

1,336 Words, 5th-8th Grades, Context Clues

Defence of Ft. McHenry: The Original Star Spangled Banner

by Francis Scott Key

Before it was the "The Star-Spangled Banner," the ly...

412 Words, 6th-9th Grades, Figurative Language, Rhythm & Rhyme, Summary

Primary Source: Mother's Day Oberved All Over America

by Boston Herald Monday, May 11, 1914

Today Mother's Day is a special day around the world...

627 Words, 4th-10th Grades, Context Clues, Summary