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Is there anything more fascinating that putting a tiny seed into a dirt hole and watching it turn into a flower or tree or plan...

Reading Set: 7 Passages

Fun Poems

Teaching poetry can be made easy with a little wit, a splash of humor, and a dash of fun. This reading set has all that and mor...

Reading Set: 12 Passages


A cat is a many-faceted creature. Some are mysterious, some are comical, some are condescending, and some are just plain skitt...

Reading Set: 9 Passages

Dog Stories for Younger Students

From haughty house dogs to precocious puppies, this reading set is full of delightful stories about dogs. Younger students will...

Reading Set: 10 Passages

Mother Goose

Many children are already familiar with the Mother Goose nursery rhymes, which makes them easier to read for beginning reader...

Reading Set: 6 Passages

Daniel's First Trip to the Airport

Daniel is very excited to ride an airplane for the first time. Follow his adventure through the airport as he learns exactly wh...

401 Words, K-2nd Grades, Context Clues and Summary


Elena loves school, but she also loves to play with her little sister at home. She has never had a homework assignment before —...

361 Words, K-1st Grades, Story Elements and Summary

I Went Up One Pair of Stairs

by Katharine Pyle from Mother’s Nursery Tales

Young children love silly jokes and always have, as ...

177 Words, K-2nd Grades, Summary and Theme

Little Red Riding-Hood

by Katharine Pyle from Mother’s Nursery Tales

One of the very best-known fairy tales of all time, ...

1,202 Words, K-2nd Grades, Context Clues and Theme

The Three Wishes

by Katharine Pyle from Mother’s Nursery Tales

This story is an adaptation of the classic "three wi...

761 Words, K-2nd Grades, Context Clues