NGLS Standard R.3 Worksheets (Literature & Informational Texts for ELA and Literacy)

Below you’ll find materials aligned to Next Generation Learning Standards (NGLS). This page houses print-ready PDFs and digital PDF worksheets, packets, and lessons aligned to the NGLS standards for English Language Arts. Reading: Literature or Informational Texts, Standard 3 (R3) is “Analyze how and why individuals, events, and ideas develop and interact.” This standard applies to grades K-12.

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Women's Rights Movement Reading Activity

Women’s History – Women’s Rights Movement Reading Activity

The month of March is Women’s History Month! During this month, people all over celebrate women and their achievements. Many of these achievements can be credited to the Women’s Rights Movement, which happened in the 1960s and 1970s. In these activities, students will read Passage A and B. The first…

Women's History Suffrage Reading Activity Image

Women’s History – Suffrage Reading Activity

March is Women’s History Month! During this month, people all over celebrate women and their achievements. It’s also a great time to learn about important events that have helped women move forward in society. The Women’s Suffrage Movement happened during the 1850s. Suffrage is the right to vote in elections.…

Women's History Month Educators Reading Activity

Women’s History – Educators Reading Activity

In this reading comprehension activity, students read two passages and answer related questions. The first passage is a speech by Maria Montessori. The second passage is part of a speech from Rita Pierson, who was a teacher for 40 years.

Black History Month Extension Activity Women in History

Black History Extension Activity: Women

We’re in total adoration of the women featured in our Black History Month: Women Extension Activity Packet. Take a tour through the lives of four amazing women who are breaking barriers and making change in a variety of industries. From an ambitious filmmaker and producer to an awesome athlete, each…

Black History Month Extension Activity Scientists

Black History: Scientists Extension Activity

We’ve got chemistry with these scientists! Prepare students for a journey through time! As students learn all about scientists from the 20th and 21st century, they’ll build their vocabulary skills through a series of challenging and engaging readings. Students will learn about perseverance, empathy, and the resilience of Black Americans…

Black History Month Extension Activity Modern Influencers

Black History Extension Activity: Modern Influencers (4-part activity)

Who’s in the news? None other than these modern influencers! Black History Month is a time to celebrate the vibrant history of Black Americans and to honor the achievements continued by current generations. In our Black History Month: Modern Influencers Extension Activity Packet, choose from worksheets that help students explore…

Spooky Season Task Cards

Spooky Season Task Cards (k-2nd grade)

Boo! Dive into the spirit of the season with our Spooky Season task cards! These engaging prompts foster creativity and critical thinking as students explore themes of Halloween, folklore, and creepy tales. With options to draw, write, or even enact spooky scenes, these cards captivate students’ imaginations while honing their…

New Year Celebration Task Cards

New Year’s Celebration Task Cards (4th-6th grade)

Happy New Year! Start the year off right with task cards that inspire goal-setting, reflection, and cultural exploration. Encourage students to explore global traditions, set intentions, and plan for personal growth in the year ahead. Have students share with each other so that all students can learn from one another.…

Irish-American Heritage Month Task Cards (2nd – 4th grade)

We feel lucky to have this one! Celebrate Irish-American culture and history with engaging task cards. Explore traditions, influential figures, and contributions, fostering appreciation for diversity and promoting cross-cultural understanding. Want to engage your class in a whole-group discussion or allow them to select from different learning activities? Use the…

Vocabulary Parade

Vocabulary Parade Task Cards (3rd – 5th grade)

Enhance vocabulary lessons with our engaging vocabulary parade task cards! Encourage students to learn new words that will help them inside and outside of the classroom. These cards promote a fun, interactive approach to word mastery, allowing students to learn and dive deep into their vocabulary practice. Convert lively descriptions…