Sophie and the bears dance illustration

Words: 50-100

Skills: Character Traits Compare and Contrast Context Clues

Grades: K

Topics: Humor

Genres: Poetry

Lexile Range:

Lexile Measure:

CCSS: Reading: Foundational Skills


Sophie and the Bears Dance

Sophie dances with her bears.

Reading Comprehension Passage

Sophie and the Bears Dance

Sophie dances for the toy bears on her bed.

“Look at me!” Sophie said.

The big blue bear is happy.

“I can dance!” Sophie said.

The little yellow bear is happy.

“I can jump!” Sophie said.

The funny red bear is happy.

“I can turn!” Sophie said.

Sophie ran to the bears.

Now we can all dance!

Sophie held the bears and they all danced.

“Look at us!” Sophie said.

“We can dance.”

“We can jump.”

“We can turn.”

Now all the bears and Sophie are very happy.

Passage Only

Reading Comprehension Questions

1. How many bears are there?

2. What color is the big bear?

3. What color is the little bear?

4. What color is the funny bear?