Oz sandboat

The Deadly Desert Crossed

by L. Frank Baum from The Road to Oz

Chapter 12 passage: L. Frank Baum wrote thirteen books about the Land of Oz, beginning with "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" which was published in 1900. This passage is from "The Road to Oz" published in 1909. In this book, Dorothy meets new friends on her way to visit Oz again. The shaggy man is a wandering man that she and her dog, Toto, met in Kansas. Button-Bright is a little boy who often gets lost. Polychrome, or Polly for short, is the Rainbow’s Daughter and has fallen off her father’s rainbow. In this passage, the group has arrived at the Deadly Desert, a desert that will turn all flesh that it touches into dust. A friend of the shaggy man has built a sand-boat for the group to sail across the desert safely.