The elephant in the room

Words: 401-500

Skills: Character Traits Point of View Summary

Grades: 3rd 4th 5th

Topics: Fairy Tales and Fables and Science Fiction / Fantasy

Genres: Poetry

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CCSS: Reading: Literature


The Elephant in the Room

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

How did it get here? No one knows. How to get it out? That’s the problem. Student's will ready this fanciful poem and answer questions on the plot, the characters, and point of view.

Reading Comprehension Passage

The Elephant in the Room

by RV Staff Writer J.C.
I walked into the room,
And then I heard a boom!
I turned around. There it was.
No reason why. Just because.

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.
This was a really big surprise.

An elephant was standing there
In my bedroom! Was that fair?
Was I going to have to share?
My toys, my books, my bed too?
I didn’t know what I should do.

He wiggled left. He jiggled right.
That elephant was wedged in tight.
He looked sad. He looked so blue.
How did he get here? I had no clue.

I called my mom. “Please come and see!
We need to set this elephant free.”
“Elephant? What are you talking about?”
Then she saw it. Oh, what a shout!

Her yelp gave the elephant a scare.
He looked at us with his sad stare.
I thought the elephant might cry.
“There must be something we can try.”

“It seems to be good and stuck.
Poor old elephant. What bad luck.”
Mom began to pull, I tried to push.
I shoved up against his giant tush.

He didn’t budge. He didn’t flinch.
That elephant couldn’t move an inch.

Mom scratched her head. “Gosh, what now?
There must be some way, somehow
To get this giant fellow out of here.”
She scratched him kindly behind his ear.

“Don’t you cry,” she told him. “Don’t worry.
We’ll figure this out in a hurry.”
But Mom and I, we did not know
How to make the elephant go.

Then suddenly, another boom!
A small magician was in the room.
The little man said, “There you are!
I’ve been searching near and far.”

He spoke to us, with a grin.
“I’m sorry for this mess you’re in.
I must confess, it’s my mistake,
My magic wand suffered a break.”

“I tried some magic, a new trick.
I gave my wand a mighty flick.
It was too hard; it snapped in two.
My elephant ended up with you!”

“My magic spell went very wrong,
But now it’s time to move along.
Thanks for your help, we have to go.
We can’t be late for our circus show.”

He waved his wand, shouted “Abra-kazoom!”
They both disappeared with a loud boom.
(It was just me and Mom left in my room.)

I wondered if that was the end
Of the elephant and his friend.
But one week later, I was sent
Two tickets to the circus tent!

Passage Only

Reading Comprehension Questions

1.  Who is telling the story?

2.  How do you think the elephant was feeling? Use examples.

3.  How did the mother react to the elephant? What did she do next?

4.  What was the magician’s reason for making the elephant appear in the room?