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Words: 301-400

Skills: Context Clues Fact and Opinion

Grades: 1st 2nd

Topics: Realistic Fiction

Genres: Prose

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The New Kid in Class

Jackson wants to make friends with Billy, the new kid in class. Billy does not seem to want to be friends. What will Jackson do?

Reading Comprehension Passage

The New Kid in Class

Jackson sat at his school desk and looked over at the new kid in class. His name was Billy and he just moved here from Florida. His first day in class was yesterday and, so far, Jackson had not talked to him. Today, at recess, Jackson was going to try to make a new friend.

When the bell rang for recess, Jackson hurried out of his seat and followed Billy outside. 

“Hi Billy,” Jackson said as they walked outside. “Do you want to play basketball?”

“No. I’m not very good at basketball.”

“Do you want to play kickball?” Jackson asked

“No. I’m not good at that either,” Billy said. Billy walked away from Jackson and sat on a big flat rock in the grassy part of the school yard. 

Jackson stood there and wondered what to do next. He asked Billy to do two things and both times BIlly had said no. Maybe he didn’t like Jackson. Maybe he didn’t want to be friends. Jackson thought about playing basketball with the other kids. He looked over at Billy sitting on the rock all by himself. It must be hard to move to a new school, Jackson thought. He decided to give it one more try.

“Do you like cars?” Jackson asked Billy as he walked up to him.

“Sure!” Billy said with a smile.

Jackson reached into his pocket and pulled out two cars. “My brother gave me these. He has tons of cars and always gives me his old ones.” He handed one of the cars to Billy.

“Awesome! I love Mustangs!” Billy rolled the car over the rock.

“Me too!” Jackson said. “It’s my favorite car!” Jackson sat on the ground and rolled his car across the rock, making a car noise as he did.

“My Dad has a real Mustang! You should come over to my house and see it!”

“That would be awesome!” Jackson said. “I’d love to!”

“Thanks for asking me to play,” Billy said. “I have a hard time making friends.”

“Well, you made one today,” Jackson said as he pushed the car over the edge of the rock and down into the grass. He was so happy that he decided to try one more time with Billy. He could already tell, they were going to be best friends.

Passage Only

Reading Comprehension Questions

1. Where did Billy used to live?

2. Is Billy good at playing basketball?

3. What is Jackson’s favorite kind of car?

4. How many times did Jackson try to make friends with Billy?