A cat is a many-faceted creature. Some are mysterious, some are comical, some are condescending, and some are just plain skittish. This wide range of characteristics is reflected in the stories in this reading set.

Reading Passages In This Set


A Retelling of Belling the Cat

by Aesop

Aesop wrote many charming and well-loved fables. Eac...

255 Words, 1st-2nd Grades, 420L - 730L, Main / Central Idea, Summary, and Theme


Martel the Mouse

Martel the Mouse found the perfect home in the house of an old woman who left crumbs in the corners of the kitchen. All was goo...

601 Words, 2nd-3rd Grades, Summary and Theme


Don’t Drink from That Pond!

Bruce the dog kept telling Daisy the cat not to do bad things. Daisy didn’t listen and discovered the consequences. After readi...

457 Words, 1st-3rd Grades, Character Traits, Main / Central Idea, and Summary


Spooky the Scaredy Cat

by RV staff writer J.C.

When a scaredy cat named Spooky goes walking on Hall...

576 Words, 2nd-3rd Grades, 420L - 730L, Character Traits, Compare and Contrast, Figurative Language, and Summary


Samantha and Tricky

Samantha and her cat, Tricky, are playing in the yard when a blinding light gives them the ability to understand each other. Th...

482 Words, 1st-3rd Grades, Summary and Theme


Andrew's New Kitten

Andrew thought he wanted a cat, but he didn't realize it would be so much work! He also isn't sure how he feels about his kitte...

370 Words, K-2nd Grades, Character Traits, Story Elements, and Summary


Curious Cats

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

Three cats just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. T...

510 Words, 1st-2nd Grades, Character Traits, Context Clues, and Story Elements


Best Friends

Fletch and Fritz are best friends, but Fritz's family doesn't like it. That's because Fritz is a tiny mouse, and Fletch is a ho...

325 Words, 1st-3rd Grades, Character Traits, Compare and Contrast, and Theme


Milo on the Town

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

Milo is a friendly cat who enjoys visiting different...

509 Words, 1st-3rd Grades, Context Clues, Summary, and Theme