Fun poems

Fun Poems

Teaching poetry can be made easy with a little wit, a splash of humor, and a dash of fun. This reading set has all that and more! Whether it's nonsense poems, amusing situations, mysterious riddles, odd characters, or just fun to read, this set is sure to have something a student will enjoy.

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(12) Passages included in this Reading Set:

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Going to St. Ives

by Mother Goose from The Real Mother Goose

This classic Mother Goose nursery rhyme comes from a...

71 Words, 1st-2nd Grades, Main / Central Idea, Summary
12/12 Passages in this Set

I Went Up One Pair of Stairs

by Katharine Pyle from Mother’s Nursery Tales

Young children love silly jokes and always have, as ...

177 Words, K-2nd Grades, Summary, Theme