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The Sawyer Family

by Elizabeth Trach

The Sawyer family has three very different children,...

Ebony's Day Out

by Elizabeth Trach

Ebony is a small black horse. She spends most days i...

398 Words, K-1st Grades, Context Clues

The Ice Cream Stand

by Elizabeth Trach

Tiegan and Jonas love to eat ice cream at the local ...

The Pet Store

by Elizabeth Trach

Jackie loves to visit the pet store. She likes all t...

344 Words, K-1st Grades, Context Clues, Fact and Opinion

The Turkey Family

by Elizabeth Trach

Baby turkeys are very small, but they're fast learne...

399 Words, 2nd Grade, Character Traits, Story Elements

Summer Camp

by Elizabeth Trach

Claire is going to a sleep away summer camp for the ...

Pete Saves the Day

by Elizabeth Trach

Pete is a brown dog who loves to pay chase. Unfortun...

399 Words, K-1st Grades, Context Clues, Fact and Opinion

Swara the Snow White Swan

by Elizabeth Trach

Swara is a beautiful white swan. She would rather si...

392 Words, K-1st Grades, Character Traits, Fact and Opinion, Theme

Mending Wall

by Robert Frost

One of Robert Frost's most famous poems "Mending Wal...

401 Words, 9th-12th Grades, Character Traits, Summary, Theme

Anne’s Apology

by Lucy Maud Montgomery from Anne of Green Gables

Chapter X passage: While Anne Shirley in "Anne of Gr...

1,002 Words, 4th-6th Grades, Context Clues, Figurative Language, Story Elements