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Context Clues Reading Passages

Context clues are hints or definitions that a writer uses in the text to help the reader understand the meaning of new or unfamiliar words. These clues can appear within a sentence, a paragraph, or in other areas of a passage. Want to learn more about Context Clues?  Here's a refresher on the different types of context clues

(361) Results for Context Clues Reading Passages

Annabel Lee

by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe wrote “Annabel Lee” in 1849. It was ...

333 Words, 6th-9th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Context Clues, Figurative Language, Rhythm & Rhyme

The Raven: Opening Stanzas

by Edgar Allan Poe

This passage is the opening stanzas of Edgar Allan P...

149 Words, 6th-9th Grades, 1300L +, Context Clues

For a Bit of Ribbon

by Albert Payson Terhune from Lad: A Dog

Chapter V passage: "Lad: A Dog" was written by Albe...

637 Words, 3rd-5th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Context Clues

The Winning of Knighthood

by Howard Pyle from The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Chapter III passage: Howard Pyle wrote The Story of ...

626 Words, 4th-6th Grades, 1060L - 1290L, Context Clues

Casey at the Bat

by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

Ernest Lawrence Thayer wrote “Casey at the Bat” in 1...

604 Words, 4th-6th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Context Clues, Figurative Language

It Was Dreadful in the Forest

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from The Lost World

Chapter XII passage: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is most ...

639 Words, 4th-6th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Context Clues

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi's Battle

by Rudyard Kipling from Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

This is a passage from Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 short ...

643 Words, 4th-5th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Context Clues

A Good Place to Hide

An escaped hamster is the focus of this passage. Students will read a story about the search for this wily pet and answer quest...

253 Words, 2nd-4th Grades, 420L - 730L, Context Clues, Story Elements, Summary

Good Night, Archie

by RV staff author

Archie is a problem! Students will read a story abou...

502 Words, 8th-9th Grades, 1060L - 1290L, Context Clues, Point of View, Theme

Trash or Treasure?

Students will read a passage about the hidden treasures that archaeologists find in trash. Students will answer questions about...

709 Words, 8th-9th Grades, 740L - 1050L, Context Clues, Main / Central Idea, Summary