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How Reading Vine can help your students...

Complement Existing Reading Programs

The same old text book full of the same old text can get, well, a little old after a spell. Perk up your reading program lessons with supplementary materials from Reading Vine and you have a whole new lineup of passages, questions, worksheets and activities for you and your students to enjoy.

Complement Other Lessons

Topics covered by the wide range of available text range from science to history with social studies in between. And that’s just the nonfiction. Choose fiction passages that include stories, fables, humor, legends and other types of writing from a variety of genres. We even have some poetry on the site. Use the reading passages to reinforce lessons learned in different subjects – all while strengthening reading skills.

Provide Targeted Materials

Filter your search results by grade level, skills, topic, vocabulary group, lexile measure, genres, Common Core (CCSS) and/or word count range. Choose the passage and questions that best align with your goal, and a mini­lesson is right at your fingertips.

Save, Download and/or Print

Leave the mini­lesson right at your fingertips by saving it on your computer. Or download and print your selected materials to use in class as a handout, as a presentation or as a take­home assignment students read and respond to on their own.

Customize Lessons

Combine a group of passages to create your very own reading set, focusing on the topics, skills or other criteria you want to stress. Reading sets are easily saved and stored on the platform for rapid retrieval whenever you’re ready.

Preserve School Budget

Reading Vine is absolutely free. No cost. No catch. Increase school resources without touching the overall budget. That perk alone is enough incentive to give it a whirl to see firsthand how beneficial it can be for your students.

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