Essay/Editorial Reading Passages

Essays and editorials are opinion pieces. Essays are a form of nonfiction literature where the author examines a particular topic and usually gives an opinion or some perspective about it. These are usually short, although one essay is often a part of a larger collection of essays. Editorials are journalistic pieces. They usually appear in newspapers (or later, newscasts) and express the opinion of the editor or editorial staff of the newspaper. 

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California, the Golden State. It was the discovery of gold there in the late 1840s that started a mass migration across the Nor...

Reading Set: 9 Passages

Species in Danger

In 2012, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed over 9,000 plant and animal species as either critica...

Reading Set: 12 Passages


We’ve only one planet to live on, so the preservation of natural resources for our children and grandchildren is up to us. This...

Reading Set: 5 Passages

Across the Plains

In 1879, author Robert Louis Stevenson traveled from Great Britain to New York. From there, he took a train across the United...

Reading Set: 5 Passages

Women's History

Women’s History Month is traditionally held in March, but the study of women’s history is valuable all twelve months of the yea...

Reading Set: 20 Passages

Washington. The Legislature. And The President’s House

by Charles Dickens from American Notes for General Circulation

Chapter VIII passage: The White House today receives...

392 Words, 8th-12th Grades, Compare and Contrast, Context Clues, and Figurative Language

The Extermination of the American Bison

by William Temple Hornaday

William Temple Hornaday was a zoologist and conserva...

659 Words, 10th-12th Grades, Fact and Opinion, Main / Central Idea, and Summary

The Wild Parks and Forest Reservations of the West

by John Muir from Our National Parks

Chapter I passage: John Muir was a noted naturalist ...

334 Words, 10th-12th Grades, Context Clues, Figurative Language, and Main / Central Idea


by Robert Louis Stevenson from Across the Plains

While more famous for his adventure novels such as “...

510 Words, 7th-9th Grades, Context Clues and Summary

Leaves from the Notebook of an Emigrant Between New York and San Francisco

by Robert Louis Stevenson from Across the Plains

“Across the Plains” was Robert Louis Stevenson’s tra...

322 Words, 7th-9th Grades, Context Clues and Figurative Language