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Journalistic writings are fact-based articles usually focusing on an event or news story. They may include interviews, eyewitness accounts, or investigative reporting. Journalistic works are usually written for publication in newspapers and magazines.

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California, the Golden State. It was the discovery of gold there in the late 1840s that started a mass migration across the Nor...

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It's hard to believe in this age of space stations and mars probes that man has only been flying in heavier that air machines f...

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Primary Sources

Primary sources take the reader to major historic moments as they are happening. This reading set has newspaper articles contem...

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Stormy Weather

Tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes, blizzards -- weather affects us all in some way or another. This reading set focuses on the mo...

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The Olympic Games

In a celebration of peace, athleticism, and friendly competition, nations from around the world gather every four years to comp...

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Women's History

Women’s History Month is traditionally held in March, but the study of women’s history is valuable all twelve months of the yea...

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Primary Source: President Lincoln's Funeral Train

by The Philadelphia Inquirer April 25,1865

President Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. Preside...

963 Words, 9th-12th Grades, Context Clues, Main / Central Idea, and Summary

Primary Source: The 1896 East St. Louis Tornado

from The Illinois State Journal - Friday, May 29 1896

On Wednesday, May 27, 1896, a massive tornado struck...

865 Words, 6th-10th Grades, Context Clues and Summary

Primary Source: Votes for Women Ratified

from Kansas City Star September 1, 1920

In 1920, the 19th Amendment which granted voting rig...

715 Words, 9th-12th Grades, Context Clues and Summary

Primary Source: The Titanic Is Sinking

from Daily Illinois State Journal April 15, 1912

In 1912, the supposedly unsinkable "Titanic" sank in...

851 Words, 8th-12th Grades, Context Clues, Main / Central Idea, and Summary