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The Great White North

Gold, cold, dogs, and sleds: nothing says Alaska and the Yukon territory of Canada like those four things. This reading set fea...

Reading Set: 6 Passages

Little Women

An immediate bestseller, “Little Women” was published in two parts: one in 1868, and one in 1869. This coming-of-age story of t...

Reading Set: 9 Passages

Classic Fairy Tales

Is there any more magical phrase than “Once upon a time”? This beginning of so many classic fairy tales sends the reader into a...

Reading Set: 10 Passages

The French Revolution

The French Revolution began in 1789 and took the idea of modern democracy from the fledgling United States to Europe. A perio...

Reading Set: 6 Passages


by Louisa May Alcott from Little Women

Louisa May Alcott's classic novel "Little Women" tel...

1,117 Words, 4th-6th Grades, Context Clues and Theme


by John Muir from Stickeen

In 1879, noted naturalist John Muir went to Alaska t...

1,343 Words, 6th-9th Grades, Figurative Language and Main / Central Idea

Meg Goes To Vanity Fair

by Louisa May Alcott from Little Women

Chapter Nine passage: "Little Women" is Louisa May A...

1,182 Words, 4th-6th Grades, Figurative Language, Summary, and Theme

Wonders of the Chicago World’s Fair – 1893

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

When three siblings get to visit the opening day of ...

1,235 Words, 5th-6th Grades, Story Elements and Summary

Beth Finds The Palace Beautiful

by Louisa May Alcott from Little Women

Chapter Six passage: One of the favorite characters...

1,008 Words, 2nd-4th Grades, Character Traits, Context Clues, and Figurative Language

The Puppy Who Lost Her Wag

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

When a puppy finds herself lost in the woods, her ha...

1,208 Words, 2nd-4th Grades, Summary and Theme