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Astounding News

by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe's most famous works are full of dark...

478 Words, 8th-10th Grades, Context Clues, Summary

Jane and Cousin John

by Charlotte Brontë from Jane Eyre

Chapter I passage: Charlotte Brontë published her no...

456 Words, 6th-9th Grades, Character Traits, Context Clues, Point of View

Project Gemini: Stepping Stone to the Moon

Students will read a passage about Project Gemini and learn about America’s first spacewalk and first space docking maneuver. S...

467 Words, 4th-6th Grades, Context Clues, Main / Central Idea

Here’s the Spin on Tornadoes

by RV Staff Writer J.C.H.

Tornadoes are a destructive force of nature. This pa...

495 Words, 5th-7th Grades, Context Clues, Summary

Pinocchio Will Not Take His Medicine

by Carlo Collodi from The Adventures of Pinocchio

Chapter XVII passage: In 1883 Carlo Collodi wrote "...

423 Words, 2nd-4th Grades, Context Clues, Summary

The Gold Rush: Rise of the Golden State

by RV Staff Writer J.C.H.

Gold! That was the cry in 1849 as the world began to...

453 Words, 5th-8th Grades, Context Clues, Summary


by Mark Twain from The Innocents Abroad

Chapter VII passage: Mark Twain is known for his fic...

496 Words, 8th-12th Grades, Main / Central Idea, Summary

The Secret Box

by Elizabeth Trach

Juanita loves to play in the attic, but one day she ...

404 Words, 2nd-3rd Grades, Context Clues, Story Elements, Summary

The Last Leaf

by Elizabeth Trach

Three little leaves are clinging to a tree in autumn...

401 Words, K-2nd Grades, Story Elements, Summary

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

by Mark Twain

No one could "spin a yarn" like Samuel Clements, aka...

422 Words, 5th-7th Grades, Character Traits, Context Clues