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Why Use Reading Vine?

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Personalized Learning

Jane reads text. Jane gets bored. The text is too easy for Jane; she needs a bigger challenge. John reads text. John gets lost. John needs simplified text to beef up his reading skills. Reading Vine has both, with K-12 reading passages and worksheets for specific levels, grades and learning styles.

The Power of Personalization
Rather than a one­size­fits­all curriculum, Reading Vine offers supplemental reading practice that can be personalized to fit a student’s or group’s exact needs. Teachers, parents and tutors simply choose appropriate passage text/questions as desired, and then save, download or print it out and share with the students.

One Student, Small Groups, Entire Class
Reading Vine’s personalization features are adaptable enough to accommodate individual students as well as small groups or an entire classroom. Teachers, tutors and parents, too, can personalize the lessons to suit their own tastes or methods of instruction. You can also create your own reading sets consisting of groups of passages you choose. Questions range from straight ­up reading comprehension to more involved interaction with the text that requires independent thought and ideas.

Delve Deep or Keep It Simple
Teachers, tutors and parents can delve even deeper into a topic or passage with a host of writing and research activities that extend the lessons even further. Examples include having students write a narrative to continue a story, essays based on the topics contained in the text, opinion writing to argue a point or additional research projects and tasks that explore and expand upon the readings.

Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Prose
One more way to personalize lessons is through the type of text you present to the students. Again, the options are vast, with a diverse selection of fiction and nonfiction alike. Choose from various types of stories, humor, legend, drama and poetry as well as biography, historical documents, letters, articles and informational text covering science, social studies and history.

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Search by Grade

Search by skills. Search by vocabulary group, lexile measure or Common Core (CCSS). Search by topic, genre and even word count range. Choose your search criteria and then let Reading Vine go to town. Results will include a collection of available materials that match what you and your students are looking for.

Fast and Easy to Find
Sifting through dozens of different reading passages to find appropriate text for your students is enough to make your eyes swim. Even worse is being forced to determine for yourself if the text is suited for you and your students’ specific needs.

Let Reading Vine take care of the filtering and gathering of relevant passages. All you have to do is select your favorite text, choose any worksheets you want to boost your lesson, and then print the materials for your next session.

Supplement Existing Lessons
While Reading Vine was primarily designed to focus on improving reading skills, it serves up plenty of additional benefits when it comes to supplementing lessons in a variety of topics. Choose a passage about a historical event or era you just covered in class. Pick a science text that matches with your latest biology lesson. Search for fables and legends to follow­up on a discussion on folklore. Go for a piece of poetry to illustrate rhythm and rhyme.

Exceed Academic Standards
Search for passages that match with Common Core standards for specific grade levels, and your students get an extra boost that helps them meet and even exceed academic standards.

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Reading Skills Bonanza

Your students may be able to read a passage of text, but can they find the main idea? Outline the plot? Explain the theme, setting, characters and genre? Reading Vine helps them do just that, with a focus on reading skills and related concepts.

Close Reading Skills
Close reading is increasingly being used in literary instruction, and Reading Vine is designed to help students develop the skills they need to increase reading skills as well as comprehension. They’ll only do this if they’re taught how to read more and more difficult texts before they’re asked to tackle them on their own. You’ll have the teaching toolkit at your fingertips with Reading Vine.

Practice, Reinforcement, Support
Not only does Reading Vine give your students the opportunity to practice their reading skills with a wide variety of different texts, but it lets you provide the reinforcement and support as needed to ensure the skills are up to par. If you feel your students are grappling with a specific concept, simply choose questions and activities that focus on that concept.

Assess Progress
Combine your chosen text passages with the available questions and you’ll know where your students’ stand. Ask students to read the passages on their own and answer the questions, which you can then grade and use to gauge how swiftly their skills are improving.

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