ARMS Writing Extension Activity

Empower your students’ writing skills with our ARMS Strategies Extension Activity Packet. This packet is a great tool for guiding students through an important part of the writing process: revising! By Adding, Removing, Modifying, and Substituting content, writers can get into the practice of drafting and polishing their writing through a purposeful and helpful process. These activities foster a stronger grasp of language mechanics while nurturing creativity. Elevate your students’ skills effortlessly!

2, 3
CCSS Standard
L.1, L.2, Language
NGLS Standard
L.1, L.2, Language

ARMS Writing Extension Activity

The 4 activities teach you how to revise your writing using the ARMS method. Each letter stands for a specific action:

  1. A (Add): You enrich your writing by adding details and words to expand on ideas and enhance meaning.
  2. R (Remove): You clean up your writing by taking out unnecessary details and repetitive words, making it concise and focused.
  3. M (Move): You improve the organization of your writing by rearranging sentences to better flow and emphasize key points.
  4. S (Substitute): You elevate your writing by replacing ordinary words with more precise or vivid ones, adding variety and impact.

These activities help you practice each ARMS component, equipping you to strengthen and refine your writing effectively.