Fry Sight Word Flash Cards

Words 1 - 250 Flash Cards for the Fry List of Sight Words

Learning Fry sight words are a great way for students to get familiar with words they will encounter in early reading materials. We’ve included 10 different Fry flash card sets, each with 25 words. Start with words 1 -25 and progress through the others. While these word lists are sometimes grouped by grade (e.g. words 1 – 100 for first grade) it can be very helpful for students to learn all 250 words as soon as possible. This will help them to develop stronger reading skills earlier, and ultimately enjoy reading. Check out our noun worksheet makersight word bingo cards and Dolch sight word flash cards too!

Flash Cards (groups of 25)

Fry Flash Cards 1-25

Includes sight words like “the”, “in”, “that”, “was”, “are”, “and”, “with”

Fry Flash Cards 26-50

The second group includes “or”, “but”, “words”, “what”, “when”, “your”, “there”, “which”

Fry Flash Cards 51-75

The 3rd group of Fry include “will”, “about”, “many”, “these”, “some”, “would”, “time”, “look”

Fry Flash Cards 76-100

The fourth group includes words like “number”, “could”, “been”, “called”, “down”, “come”, part”

Fry Flash Cards 101-125

Next group for words like “over”, “years”, “give”, “back”, “things”, “sentence”

Fry Flash Cards 126-150

Includes flash cards for words like “great”, “much”, “means”, “boy”, “three”, “where”, “help”

Fry Flash Cards 151-175

Includes 25 words including “set”, “put”, “another”, “must”, “even”, “went” and “home”

Fry Flash Cards 176-200

Includes “try”, “picture”, “play”, “away”, “point”, “mother” and “study”

Fry Flash Cards 200-225

The next group of words include “high”, “every”, “between”, “school”, “tree”, “earth”, and under

Fry Flash Cards 226-250

Includes sight words like “saw”, “got”, “left”, “example”, “always” and “paper”

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