Mae Jemison Quotes

Blastoff! We’re reaching for the stars with Dr. Mae Jemison, the pioneering astronaut and advocate for STEM education. Discover a range of Mae Jemison quotes that go beyond the wonders of space and offer profound insights into ambition and perseverance. Each quote serves as a launch pad for discussions on scientific curiosity, diversity in STEM fields, and the boundless potential within each student. An avid volunteer, many of Mae Jemison’s quotes also serve as a tool for discussing community service and the value of experiencing and learning about cultures different from one’s own. For students who are interested in exploration of all kinds, including STEM and space, this is certainly a name to know! Through the words of Dr. Jemison, inspire your classroom to dream big, empathize, explore the unknown, and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie beyond the confines of one’s own world (and Earth!).

Mae Jemison Quotes (Printable PDFs)