Note Taking Skills Extension Activity

Note taking is a necessary skill for student and personal success! Transform note-taking into an art with our comprehensive Note Taking Skills Extension Activity Packet! Ideal for educators seeking to empower students with effective study habits, this resource facilitates note-taking skills and offers students a variety of options for exploring how they prefer to take notes. Students can refine their skills through scaffolded exercises, ensuring they capture key information purposefully. Students can also have the opportunity to reflect on why a particular note-taking style benefits them the most!

3, 4, 5
CCSS Standard
W.1, W.8, Writing
NGLS Standard
W.1, W.7, Writing

Note Taking Skills Extension Activity

These worksheets are designed to help students learn effective note-taking skills, an essential tool for learning at school and in later life. The activities guide students through different note-taking strategies, allowing them to practice and find out which method works best for them.

Learning Different Note-Taking Techniques

The worksheets introduce three distinct note-taking methods. The first is the Outline/Bullet Point Method, where students create a structured outline or use bullet points to list important ideas in order. The second method is Visual Mapping and Organizing, which involves using images, symbols, and colors to represent concepts and show relationships. The third method uses Sticky Notes, Index Cards, or a Notebook to write key ideas or facts on individual pieces, which can then be arranged and grouped for better understanding.

Practical Application and Reflection

Students get to practice these strategies by reading articles on two different topics: "Diwali" and "Mindfulness." They use each note-taking method for these readings and then reflect on their experiences. Questions like "Which note-taking strategy helped you the most?" and "Which was the most challenging?" encourage students to think critically about their learning process. Additionally, the worksheets prompt students to ask a friend or adult about their note-taking strategies, allowing them to learn from others' experiences.

Overall, these worksheets are not just about taking notes; they are about understanding information in a way that makes sense to each individual student. By exploring different methods and reflecting on their effectiveness, students can develop a personalized approach to capturing and organizing information, enhancing their learning experience.