Opinion Based Writing Extension Activity

Inspire eloquent and persuasive expression and writing with our Opinion-Based Writing Packet! With the desire to nurture persuasive communication skills, this resource deepens students’ ability to articulate opinions. These exercises can support confident speaking and dialogue, so give it a try!. Additionally, this is a great tool for individual and collaborative practice– use for one-on-one coaching, small-group, or whole-class work! Students will be energized to share their ideas in response to a variety of topics.

4, 5
CCSS Standard
W.1, W.2, Writing
NGLS Standard
W.1, W.2, Writing

Opinion Based Writing Extension Activity

These worksheets are designed to help students learn how to express their opinions effectively through writing. The activities focus on developing skills in structuring and supporting opinion-based arguments.

Expressing Opinions and Building Arguments

In the first activity, students are encouraged to share their personal thoughts in response to fun and engaging prompts, such as their favorite Saturday activity, the best after-school snack, the most enjoyable outdoor activity, and the timeless debate of pancakes versus waffles. This exercise helps students practice articulating their preferences and experiences.

In the second activity, the focus is on structuring an opinion-based piece. Students learn to organize their writing with an introduction, supporting reasons, and a conclusion that restates their opinion. They review a model piece about a favorite season and then write their own piece about their favorite game or toy, following the same structure. This teaches them the importance of organizing their thoughts in a logical order to build a coherent argument.

Supporting Opinions with Details

The third part of the worksheet emphasizes the importance of strong supporting reasons and examples in opinion-based writing. Students are asked to list diverse reasons to support their opinions on topics like which pets are better (cats or dogs), comparing cake to pie, choosing between Friday and Saturday, and debating hamburgers versus hot dogs. This helps students understand the value of using varied and specific reasons in their arguments.

Finally, students are tasked with writing an opinion-based letter to their principal. They must introduce their opinion, provide supporting reasons and details, and conclude by restating their opinion and expressing gratitude. The topics for the letter include whether there should be a four-day school week or more time for recess. This activity allows students to apply their opinion-writing skills to a real-world context, encouraging them to think critically about school policies and their personal viewpoints.

Overall, these worksheets provide a comprehensive approach to teaching opinion-based writing, helping students to express their thoughts clearly, structure their arguments effectively, and use supporting details to strengthen their positions.