Organizational Skills Extension Activity

Enhance your students’ academic and personal skills with our Organizational Skills extension activity packet! Designed to support orderliness and efficiency, these activities empower students to manage tasks, prioritize assignments, at school and home. Perfect for learners of all organization skill levels, this resource fosters a structured approach to learning that complements a variety of needs. Use this tool to preview and review best practices for staying organized and building upon executive functioning skills.

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CCSS Standard
W.10, Writing

Organizational Skills Extension Activity

These worksheets are designed to help students develop and improve their organizational skills, both at school and at home. These skills are essential for managing daily tasks effectively and preparing for future responsibilities.

Organization at School

The first section of the worksheets focuses on organizational practices for school. Students are asked to reflect on why being organized is important and to identify times when they feel most and least organized. They then use a checklist to help them stay organized in various school settings. This checklist includes tasks like preparing for the next school day, staying organized at lunch, keeping their classroom and work organized, and managing their belongings at the end of the school day. These tasks cover aspects such as packing the right books and supplies, using folders to organize papers, and ensuring they have everything they need before leaving school.

Organization at Home

The second section emphasizes organizational skills at home. Students have another checklist for different home spaces, such as the bedroom, bathroom, play area, and kitchen. The tasks include making the bed, keeping clothes and toys organized, maintaining a tidy bathroom, and helping with kitchen chores like doing dishes and organizing groceries. These activities encourage students to take responsibility for their personal space and contribute to household management.

Looking Towards the Future

Lastly, the worksheets prompt students to think about the future, specifically regarding a career they might be interested in. They are encouraged to consider what tools or objects they would need for their desired job and how organization will play a role in their success. This section helps students understand the long-term importance of organizational skills and how they apply to real-world scenarios beyond school and home.

Overall, these worksheets offer a comprehensive approach to teaching organizational skills, providing practical strategies for students to manage their responsibilities effectively. This not only aids in their current academic and personal life but also prepares them for future endeavors.