Research Skills Extension Activity

Introduce and review important research skills with this packet. Perfect for newer researchers, these extension activities help students understand the process for conducting research in both print and digital formats. This resource amplifies research skills through targeted exercises, like identifying important search terms and keywords, as well as directing students to important reference resources like the Table of Contents or Index. Let’s dig in!

4, 5
CCSS Standard
W.10, W.7, W.9, Writing
NGLS Standard
W.5, W.6, Writing

Research Skills Extension Activity

These worksheets are created to help students improve their research skills. Research is the process of reading and examining resources to understand a topic better, which can deepen knowledge or lead to new ideas. These activities guide students in developing effective research techniques.

Practical Research Techniques and an Example Article

The first part of the worksheet introduces students to key research practices. It begins with generating keywords for online searches or book research, emphasizing the importance of choosing and using appropriate sources. Students are advised to find sources suitable for their level, like school library books or teacher-approved websites, and to use close reading strategies or select a different source if they struggle to understand the material. Organizing sources and efficient note-taking are also highlighted. Keeping track of information sources and using methods like short sentences, sticky notes, or highlighters to note down main ideas and facts are key skills being developed.

An article titled “The Agility of Cats” serves as a practical example for students to apply these research skills. The article discusses the remarkable agility of cats, focusing on their balancing skills, sensitive whiskers, night vision, climbing abilities, and sharp hearing. Using this article, students practice note-taking either through bullet points summarizing key information or visual notes with sketches and doodles to represent ideas.

Continuing Research and Keyword Utilization

In the final activity, students are encouraged to expand their research using the information from the "Agility of Cats" article. They create a list of keywords to research more about cats or another agile animal and use these keywords to find new and interesting facts. This helps them practice how to deepen their understanding of a subject through targeted research. The activity emphasizes the importance of documenting sources for the new information they find.

Overall, these worksheets offer a comprehensive approach to teaching essential research skills. Students learn how to conduct research effectively, from finding and organizing sources to taking notes and expanding their research. These skills are not only important for academic purposes but also for lifelong learning.