Vowel Teams Worksheets

Welcome to our vowel teams worksheets! Vowel teams, also known as vowel digraphs or vowel pairs, are two consecutive vowels in a word that combined represent a single sound. They are different from single vowels, as single vowels represent their own individual sounds. Vowel teams usually occur in the middle of a word or syllable and they can represent either a long or a short vowel sound, or even a unique sound that is different from the individual vowel sounds.

Here are some common vowel teams:

  1. “ai” (as in “rain”) – represents the long a sound
  2. “ea” (as in “beach”) – represents the long e sound
  3. “oa” (as in “boat”) – represents the long o sound
  4. “ee” (as in “tree”) – represents the long e sound
  5. “ou” (as in “soup”) – represents the u sound
  6. “oi” (as in “coin”) – represents the oy sound

Vowel teams are important and help children and language learners recognize the different sounds that vowels can make when combined with other vowels in words. They typically begin learning about vowel teams in the early elementary years, around first or second grade (ages 6-8). Before learning about vowel teams, children usually start with basic phonemic awareness and phonics skills, such as recognizing and sounding out individual consonants and vowels.

Below you’ll find printable vowel teams worksheets to use in class or at home!

Vowel Teams Worksheets