Word Families Worksheets and Word Lists

Word families are an important part of learning to read because they can enable new readers to grasp the patterns and connections within a language. Word families allow readers to expand their vocabulary, enhance their reading fluency, and become confident readers and writers. Below, you’ll find printable word families worksheets and words lists that are great for practicing at home or in the classroom!

In early literacy instruction, the term “word families” refers to groups of words that share a common sound and letter pattern. For example, the “at” family includes words like “cat,” “pat,” “rat,” and “mat.” Recognizing these patterns allows children to easily identify and read new words that belong to the same family. This is essential for cultivating a reader’s ability to learn, remember, and internalize high-frequency sight words. 

To begin instruction, consider activities that facilitate engagement with these common word families: 

an, ap, ash, at, ell, est, ick, ill, in, ip, it, ock, op, ot, uck, ug 

Through word cards, visuals, rhyming activities, and silly stories, learning word families can bring a fun level of challenge and engagement. Some of our favorite lessons include “Trace It”-”Change It” exercises. This kind of lesson helps learners understand how words are grouped into families. 

Engaging in regular practice with word families will enhance an early reader’s reading and writing skills. In particular, engaging in exercises and utilizing books that feature word families can facilitate a deeper understanding of these patterns and expand a learner’s vocabulary. 

As with all learning, it’s important to exercise calm and patience, provide lots of encouragement, refresh and reset as needed, and make time for celebration. With each activity, your blooming reader will gain linguistic abilities and discover the joys of reading and expressing themselves through words.

1, 2, K
CCSS Standard
Reading: Foundational Skills, RF.3
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Reading: Foundational Skills, RF.3

Word Families Worksheets