1st Grade Writing Prompts

You’ll find a helpful collection of 1st grade writing prompts below! First grade is a wonderful time to learn and grow personally and academically. With the experience of kindergarten, many students feel excited and more prepared to continue learning. It’s important to ignite a love of writing through a variety of writing opportunities and topics. Use the categories of “Adventure and Exploration,” “Everyday Heroes,” “Friendship and Kindness,” “Imagination and Creativity,” “Nature and the Environment,” and “Family and Home,” to embrace the magic of writing. Writers are encouraged to plan and review their work. Keep in mind that some prompts may demand contextualization depending on the learner’s background and needs. Check out our 100+ designs of free, printable lined paper PDFs and 1st grade sight words worksheets too!

1st Grade Writing Prompts

Category 1: Adventure and Exploration

Although many days may feel routine, it’s true that people are never far from adventure and excitement. Writers can use these prompts to imagine space exploration, tunnels to new places, exotic animals, and hidden treasure.

  1. Imagine you are a brave astronaut exploring a new planet. Describe what you see and what adventures you have.
  2. Imagine you find a tunnel that leads to somewhere fun and exciting. Write a story about what you find inside the tunnel and where it leads.
  3. Write a story about a magical adventure you have with your favorite toy.
  4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and how would you use it to save the day?
  5. Invent a new animal that lives in a faraway land and describe its unique features.
  6. Write about a day at the beach where you discover a hidden treasure.

Category 2: Everyday Heroes

There are many people who take on small and large tasks to help us in our everyday lives– their care, concern, and dedication makes them everyday heroes. Writers can use these prompts to reflect on the people who support us each and every day.

  1. Write about someone in your community who helps others, like a firefighter or a teacher, and why they are a hero to you.
  2. Imagine you have a special power to make the world a better place. What would you do and why?
  3. Write a story about how you helped someone in need, like a friend or a neighbor.
  4. Explain why pets are superheroes.
  5. Explain why moms and dads are superheroes.
  6. Describe a time when you showed kindness or bravery, just like a real-life hero.

Category 3: Friendship and Kindness

First grade is an important time to exercise patience and kindness as we make new friendships and build upon existing ones. Writers can use these prompts to reflect on the power of kindness, experiences they’ve had, and ways to spread kindness.

  1. Write a story about a day spent with your best friend and the fun things you did together.
  2. Describe what it means to be a good friend and why it’s important.
  3. Other than being kind, what are some other things that a good friend must be?
  4. Invent a new game that promotes kindness and teamwork, and explain how to play it.
  5. Write a letter to a friend, expressing your appreciation for their friendship.
  6. Imagine you have a magic wand that can spread kindness. What acts of kindness would you do and why?

Category 4: Imagination and Creativity

It is so important to exercise our minds with imagination and creativity. Writers can use these prompts to create new worlds, reinvent themselves, and escape through magical doorways!

  1. Imagine you have a time machine that can take you to any moment in history. Where would you go and what would you do?
  2. Design a playground that is unlike others. What interesting parts will you include?
  3. Write a story about a day when everything you draw comes to life.
  4. Invent a new toy that you would love to play with and describe what it does.
  5. Write a poem about your favorite imaginary creature, like a unicorn or a dragon.
  6. Imagine you have a magic door that leads to a different world. Describe what you see and what adventures you have.

Category 5: Nature and the Environment

Many people like to spend time outdoors, enjoying nature in a variety of different types of environments. Whether writers prefer the woods to the beach or a lake to the ocean, these prompts can be used to connect with nature.

  1. Write about a day spent in nature. Where would you begin the day? Where would you end it?
  2. Imagine you are a tiny insect. Describe your adventures as you explore the world from your tiny viewpoint.
  3. Invent a new machine that cleans up litter in parks and explain how it works.
  4. Write a story about a talented tree who performs in a park by “dancing.”
  5. Write a story about a magical garden that grows unusual plants with special powers.
  6. Describe a day at the beach making sandcastles.

Category 6: Family and Home

First grade is a wonderful time to connect with others through the experience of sharing stories about our home lives. Writers can use these prompts to reflect on their individual backgrounds and families. This can allow them to express their identity and honor the individuality of others. Writers can use these prompts to reflect on family, holiday gatherings, and envision their dream homes.

  1. Write about your favorite family tradition and why it’s special to you.
  2. Imagine you could have any animal in the world as a pet. What would you choose and why?
  3. Write about how your family members help one another. Who helps who?
  4. Invent a new holiday to celebrate families and describe how you would celebrate it.
  5. Write a letter of appreciation to a family member.
  6. Describe your dream home, including all the things you would have in it and why you love it. If you can’t think of how you’d design a whole home, focus on one room.

We hope you found our 1st grade writing prompts helpful!