2nd Grade Writing Prompts

We’ve prepared a great collection of 2nd grade writing prompts you can use at home or in the classroom. Second grade brings more opportunity for learning and growing. With the experience of kindergarten and first grade behind them, these scholars are ready for new adventures. It’s important to ignite a love of writing through a variety of writing opportunities and topics. Use the categories of “Outer Space Adventures,” “Magical Worlds,” “Community and Current Events,” Time for Science,” “Math Adventures,” and “Making Predictions” to embrace the magic of writing. Writers are encouraged to plan and review their work. Keep in mind that some prompts may demand contextualization depending on the learner’s background and needs.

2nd Grade Writing Prompts

Category 1: Outer Space Adventures

Channel your inner astronaut or alien with these out-of-this-world creative writing prompts. Writers can use these prompts to imagine many different kinds of extraterrestrial encounters.

  1. Imagine you are an astronaut exploring a new planet that is purple, pink and covered in lakes, small rivers, and ponds that have strange blue bubbles.
  2. Choose a planet and describe what you think aliens from this planet might look like.
  3. Write a story about a journey to a distant galaxy and a space creature who befriends you.
  4. Invent a new spacecraft that can travel very fast.
  5. Write about a friend who pulls you aside in gym class to tell you they are an alien.
  6. Describe a futuristic space house for you and your family.

Category 2: Magical Worlds

We’re casting a spell on you! Let’s make magic with these creative writing prompts. Writers can use these prompts to develop stories about the mystery and intrigue of magical beings and spaces.

  1. Imagine you find a hidden portal that takes you to a magical place. Describe the place.
  2. Write a story about a magical object that when held, can make a person fly.
  3. Imagine you walk into your kitchen one day to discover one of your kitchen objects is magical. What are its magic powers?
  4. Write about a magic grandparent whose grandchildren suspect that their grandparent isn’t like others.
  5. Design a magical cloak that can calm a person or animal.
  6. Describe a magical school that has secret passages, a principal who is a fortune teller, custodian who can change into a unicorn, and a teaching assistant who can change into a dragon.

Category 3: Community and Current Events

It’s time to connect with your community. Knowing about and sharing your expert knowledge on your community is so important. Every member is an important part of where you live! Let’s explore! Writers can use these prompts to develop stories, do research, and write articles.

  1. Write about something (a place or event) in your community that is very important to you.
  2. Write about a place in your community where you like to shop. What do you like to buy there?
  3. Without naming them, write about a neighbor who you enjoy seeing and speaking to.
  4. Write about how your town got its name.
  5. Create a map that includes some information about the state that you live in and what your state is known for.
  6. Write a short article about your state food, flower, and bird.

Category 4: Time for Science

Dinosaurs, bees, flowers, and more are all important in how we learn about nature! Writers can use these prompts to develop stories, do research, create learning tools for others, and write articles.

  1. Write a story about your favorite dinosaur and why it’s your favorite dinosaur
  2. Write about something in nature that you feel is very interesting. Write about why you feel it’s so interesting
  3. Create a flyer for someone younger than you about the difference between a lake, an ocean, and a river.
  4. Draw and identify the parts of a flower. What is each part called?
  5. Write about bees and their importance in nature.
  6. Write a short story about an animal that lives in a very different place than where you live. For example, if you live in the city, write about an animal that lives in the country.

Category 5: Math Adventures

Math is utilized in everyday life to accomplish small and large tasks. Writers can use these prompts to develop stories, do research, create learning tools for others, and write articles.

  1. Create a poster for your favorite number. explain why it’s your favorite number
  2. Design a math worksheet of five problems for your classmate.
  3. Create a poster for a math vocabulary term that everyone in your class needs to know
  4. Draw a picture of a coin that we use to pay for things. Identify how much the coin is worth, what it’s made from, and a time when you’ve used this coin.
  5. In school, your teacher may use objects to help you learn to count. Write a letter to your teacher about a new object they can use to help you and your classmates learn math.
  6. Count how many students are in your class. Identify what types of shoes your classmates prefer to wear (sneakers, sandals, boots, etc.). What does this information tell you about your classmates, the time of year, and where you live?

Category 6: Making Predictions

As a person, it is natural to make predictions (guesses) about what’s going to happen next. Make and write predictions for a variety of topics below! Your critical thinking and creative thinking skills in order to write your answers. be patient with yourself. With time, you may, with better and better predictions!

  1. Make and write predictions about next week’s weather. What do you think the weather will be like and why?
  2. Make and write predictions about who you think will win the Super Bowl. Why do you think that team will win the Super Bowl?
  3. Make and write predictions about birthday gifts you’ll ask for.
  4. Make and write predictions about what you’ll be learning this week.
  5. Make and write predictions about what you’ll have for dinner this week.
  6. Make and write predictions about how many snow days you think you’ll have this year.

We hope you’ll find these 2nd grade writing prompts helpful!