4th Grade Spelling Words

Welcome to our section for 4th Grade Spelling Words! This spelling program consists of 36 weeks of structured lessons, each focusing on specific phonetic patterns, blends, or rules and phonics skills. The program begins with vowel and consonant pattern review in Weeks 1-6, followed by syllable division review in Weeks 7-9. Weeks 10-12 cover words ending in V or J sounds, while Weeks 13-15 deal with suffix additions. Weeks 16-21 focus on possessives, irregular past form, and plurals. In Weeks 22-27, students learn about compound words and Latin or Greek roots, and in Weeks 28-33, they cover less common prefixes and suffixes. The program concludes with lessons on “schwa” vowel sound words in Weeks 34-36.

You’ll find printable lists below for each week. If you’re working on 4th grade spelling words with your child at home, consider trying a few fun activities to reinforce learning. For example, you might try the following:

  1. Word Scramble: Rearrange the letters of each 4th grade spelling word and have your child unscramble them.
  2. Word Hunt: Ask your child to find the spelling words in a magazine, book, or online. This will help your child to recognize the words and also reinforce their spelling skills.
  3. Flash Cards: This is always a great way to reinforce learning. Write each word on a flash card, or have your child write the words. Then, have your child spell each word out loud. If your child spelled the word correctly, put the card in a “correct” pile. If they spelled it incorrectly, put the card in an “incorrect” pile. Rinse and repeat!

CCSS Standard
L.2, Language
NGLS Standard
L.2, Language

First 9 Weeks (1-9) Printable Word Lists

Second 9 Weeks (10-18) Printable Word Lists

Third 9 Weeks (19-27) Printable Word Lists

Fourth 9 Weeks (28-36) Printable Word Lists