5 Letter Words That Start With A

Discover the allure of 5-letter words that start with A, through our worksheets designed for students to practice spelling and vocabulary. Our list of 5-letter words that start with A cover a range of meanings and grade levels, from concrete nouns like “apple” for kindergarten to 1st grade, to descriptive adjectives like “alert” for 2nd to 3rd grade, and even more advanced words like “avert” for 4th to 5th grade.

Check back soon for activities such as study lists, word search activities, sentence activities, and more. By working through these worksheets, your child will develop a strong foundation with 5-letter words that start with A, setting them up for success in reading and writing!

Here’s our list of 5-letter words that start with A, followed by the printable activities: about, album, apple, above, alert, arena, abuse, alien, argue, actor, alike, arise, admit, allow, aside, adopt, alone, askew, adore, along, asset, afoot, aloof, atone, afoul, alter, audio, after, amiss, avert, again, among, avoid, agent, angle, award, agree, antic, aware, ahead, aorta, awful. Remember to check out the rest of our 5-letter words that start with each letter of the alphabet!

Here’s a helpful printable word list PDF:

5 letter words that start with A

Examples sentence using each of the A words:

  1. Could you tell me more about your new project?
  2. The album was a huge success and sold millions of copies.
  3. I had an apple for breakfast this morning.
  4. The helicopter hovered above the city skyline.
  5. The loud noise was an alert to evacuate the building.
  6. The arena was packed with excited fans.
  7. The baseball glove took a lot of abuse after years of use.
  8. The alien spaceship landed on the rooftop.
  9. They would often argue about music and current events.
  10. The actor received a standing ovation.
  11. The twins were so alike that it was hard to tell them apart.
  12. Please let me know if any issues arise during the meeting.
  13. He had to admit that he was wrong.
  14. My boss will allow me to take time off work next week.
  15. She set her book aside and decided to take a nap.
  16. The couple decided to adopt a child from a foreign country.
  17. He felt alone in the big city, far from his family and friends.
  18. The painting was hung askew and needed to be straightened.
  19. I  just adore my new puppy!
  20. We walked along the beach, enjoying the sunset.
  21. The company’s new product is a valuable asset to its portfolio.
  22. There are rumors afoot that the company is planning to lay off some employees next month.
  23. She was always aloof and distant from her colleagues.
  24. He had to atone for his past mistakes and seek forgiveness.
  25. The fisherman knew something was afoul when he saw the oil slick on the surface of the water.
  26. She decided to alter her dress to make it fit better.
  27. The audiobook was a great audio version of the novel.
  28. They planned to meet after work to discuss their project.
  29. Something was amiss and missing several pages.
  30. The company had to take immediate action to avert a potential crisis
  31. She was happy to see her friend again after many years.
  32. They found the treasure among the rocks and shells on the beach.
  33. He promised to avoid any conflicts and remain calm.
  34. The agent helped us book our flight and hotel reservations.
  35. He positioned the ladder at an angle against the building.
  36. She received an award for her outstanding academic achievements.
  37. They were able to agree on a compromise and move forward.
  38. The clown’s antic behavior entertained the children.
  39. She was aware of the potential dangers and took precautions.

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