5 Letter Words That Start With N

Welcome to our section on 5 letter words that start with N! We’ve also included worksheets designed for students across different grade levels. Our list of 5 letter words includes words like “night” for kindergarten to 1st grade, to expressive adjectives like “nasty” and more advanced words like “naval”.

Our collection of printable worksheets include a study list, word search activities, sentence activities, and more.

Here’s the list of words, followed by the printable activities:

naive, nasty, naval, nectar, needy, never, nerve, newly, nexus, ninth, night, noble, noise, nomad, north, notch, noted, novel, nudge, nurse, nutty, nanny, nasal, navel, needy, nerve, nifty, ninja, notch, novel, nudge, nylon

Printable Activities