Capitalization Worksheets

Welcome to our page all about capitalization worksheets! Here, you’ll find a helpful assortment of printable activities that focus on capitalization for parents to use in the classroom or at home for extra practice. First, students will learn how to capitalize individual words, such as: holidays, names, places, days of the week, months of the year, and more. Then, they will move on to applying what they have learned to using capitalization within sentences. For example, students will be asked to re-write the given sentences to include the correct use of capitalization for holidays, names, or places in each sentence. Below, you will also find more advanced capitalization activities and mixed practice worksheets for students looking to further their skills.

Capitalization Worksheets

Before jumping into using capitalization within sentences, it's important to learn which words are meant to be capitalized. Below, you'll find a series of printable activities focusing on learning capitalization for days of the week, months, holidays, names, addresses and more.

Capitalization in Sentences Worksheets

The worksheets below are great for introducing students to the use of capitalization within sentences. These activities build upon what students have learned about capitalizing holidays, names, titles, places, "I", and focus on applying what they have learned to sentences.

Mixed Capitalization in Sentences Worksheets

Further your student's understanding of capitalization with these printable writing activities. Each worksheet focuses on fixing capitalization errors and mixed practice for capitalizing letters in names, dates, holidays, places, and more.