Fun Facts About Penguins

Waddle this way! Penguins are adorable and oh-so-interesting! These small, but mighty cold-weather wonders give us a lot to think about. Each Fun Facts About Penguins Activity Packet contains one article, multiple choice questions and extended activities. For the earlier grade levels, there are two different creative tasks to engage the imagination and promote empathy. For the upper grade levels, there are options for critical and creative thinking tasks, as well as a connection to the United Nations’ global Sustainable Development Goals and penguin conservation. Finally, the upper grade level activity packet also includes a connection to digital and social media literacy, prompting students to create a five-day content calendar that educates viewers on penguin life! We hope you and your students enjoy these fun, printable activities all about penguins!

Here’s an audio version of the passage that you can play in the classroom or at home. Click the three vertical ellipses to the right of the volume symbol to download.

Fun Facts About Penguins Activity Packets