Kindergarten Worksheets

Below you’ll find links to all of our kindergarten worksheets, packets, and extension activities for the classroom or at home.

Kindergarten is cool! Kindergarten is a year of firsts. There is so much to learn and know and many ways to grow! At this age, learners will be focused on letter-sound correspondence and early phonics instruction. This early literacy development depends on a variety of strategies and learners will be exposed to letters and words through experiences where adults read to them.

Sometimes, learners at this age will use their voices to “tell the story” of what they see in the pictures on those pages. To show their understanding of what they hear, learners will share their ideas orally. In this way, discussion-based question-and-answer lessons work to a kindergartener’s advantage! Learners at this age will also express themselves with visuals.

100th Day of School Trivia Lesson and Game

100th Day of School Trivia Activity

Welcome to The 100th Day of School trivia activity! The first day of school is an exciting time, but what’s even more exciting is the 100th Day of School! On this day, students celebrate in all different ways. In this three-part activity, you’ll guide students through an informational reading, trivia…

Spooky Season Task Cards

Spooky Season Task Cards (k-2nd grade)

Boo! Dive into the spirit of the season with our Spooky Season task cards! These engaging prompts foster creativity and critical thinking as students explore themes of Halloween, folklore, and creepy tales. With options to draw, write, or even enact spooky scenes, these cards captivate students’ imaginations while honing their…

Self-Reflection Task Cards (K-4th Grade)

Let’s reflect! Foster personal growth with task cards that encourage introspection and self-awareness. Empower students to reflect on their values, goals, and emotions by promoting empathy, mindfulness, and a deeper understanding of oneself. If you have a quiet or energetic bunch, this is a good opportunity to stimulate conversation and…

Goal Setting Extension Activity

Goal Setting Extension Activity Packet

Empower your students to excel both personally and academically with our Goal-Setting extension activity packet! By instilling the importance of setting and achieving objectives, these activities cultivate a growth mindset and self-motivation. When students believe they can achieve something and have a clear plan for how to reach those goals,…

Letters A-Z Words for Kids

Words for Kids (A-Z Word Lists)

Below you’ll find links to each of our word lists for kids, broken out by letters of the alphabet. The lists you’ll find are designed to copy and paste into various activities you might be creating for your classroom or at home. We’ve also written a short narrative story before…

Christmas Worksheets

Welcome to our page all about Christmas worksheets! Here, you’ll find a wide variety of holiday printable activities and worksheets for in the classroom or at home. Our Christmas printables include writing prompt activities, color by number worksheets, vocabulary activities and more!

Capitalizing Months of the Year Worksheet

Capitalization Worksheets

Welcome to our page all about capitalization worksheets! Here, you’ll find a helpful assortment of printable activities that focus on capitalization for parents to use in the classroom or at home for extra practice. First, students will learn how to capitalize individual words, such as: holidays, names, places, days of…

August #2 Theme Narrow Rule Lined Paper

Lined Paper Printable PDFs – Over 100 Different Themes

Free, printable lined paper PDFs Welcome to our collection of over 100 printable lined paper PDFs! Whether you’re a parent or teacher you’ll find printable papers designed to inspire creativity and facilitate learning. Themes range from months of the year and seasons to sports like baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis and…

5 letter words that start with A

5 Letter Words

Welcome to our 5 Letter Words section! We put this together to help young students to focus on some of the more challenging words, after they have mastered other lists like the Dolch sight words lists and CVC words. Clicking on each letter listed below, you’ll find a printable word…

Main Idea Anchor Chart

Main Idea Anchor Chart

Welcome to our main idea anchor chart resources! Analyzing a text for the main idea is central to literacy development. From the time learners are very young, all through their schooling and into real-world reading experiences, it’s important to understand the main idea of a text. This can be achieved…