Halloween Words & Reading Activities

Looking for halloween words, word searches and language arts activities?

If you’re looking for some fun, scary and enchanting words to use for your halloween teaching activities, here are 143 for you! Below the word list, we’ve included lots of halloween themed reading comprehension activities, word searches, sentence writing, story writing and more printable PDFs for the classroom or at home.

Halloween Words

afraid, alchemy, amulet, apparition, bat, beast, behemoth, black, black cat, bone, boo, brew, broomstick, candles, candy, cape, casket, cauldron, cemetery, charm, chilling, cloak, cobweb, coffin, costume, creaky, creepy, crypt, curse, cyclops, dark, disguise, Dracula, dreadful, eerie, enchantment, evil, eyepatch, fairy, fangs, fantasy, festival, fiend, flashlight, fog, Frankenstein, frighten, frightening, full moon, gargoyle, genie, ghastly, ghost, ghoul, gnome, goblins, gravestone, grim, hallow, haunted, haunted house, hobgoblin, horror, howl, incantation, jinx, kettle, lantern, leprechaun, lightning, macabre, magic, mask, masquerade, mermaid, midnight, mist, monster, moon, moonlight, morbid, mummy, mysterious, nightmare, ninja, October, ogre, omen, orange, owl, party, phantom, pirate, pitchfork, poltergeist, potion, prank, prince, princess, pumpkin, queen, quiver, raven, robe, robot, scare, scarecrow, scary, scream, shadows, shriek, shroud, sinister, skeleton, skull, soldier, sorcerer, spell, spiders, spirits, spooky, startling, strange, superhero, supernatural, superstition, sweets, tarantula, terrify, thriller, tombstone, trick-or-treat, troll, unicorn, vampire, wand, warlock, werewolf, witch, wizard, wraith, zombie

Halloween Reading Passages and Creative Writing Activities

Halloween Word Searches (printable PDFs)

Halloween Activity - Vocabulary Fun (printable PDFs)

Halloween Sentence and Story Starters Activities (Printable PDFs)

In the first set of six activities, students write a sentence related to the Halloween picture. In the second set of activities, students write the beginning of a story based on the picture!

Halloween Activity - Write a Letter!

In this fun set of Halloween activities, students write letter to their favorite ghost, "Ghosty", to "Vampy", "Bo Bo", "Polka Dot", "Mon Mon" and "Witchy"!