Kindergarten Spelling Words

Our kindergarten spelling words are broken down into a scope and sequence across 36 weeks to take you from the beginning of school through the whole school year! As you can see by the curriculum sheet, we start off the program with beginning sounds (week 1-3), then move on to onset/rhyme words (weeks 4-9), CVC short vowel words (weeks 10-18), consonant digraphs (weeks 19-24), ending CK words (weeks 25-27), and CVCe words (weeks 28-36). In addition, we include bonus words and more than 100 Dolch sight words like “like”, “will”, “away”, “one” and “off”. You’ll find each of the kindergarten spelling words lists below in individual, printable PDFs. Before you get started be sure to download the printable scope and sequence sheet.

First 9 Weeks (1-9) Printable Word Lists

Second Nine Weeks (10-18) Printable Word Lists

Third Nine Weeks (19-27) Printable Word Lists

Fourth Nine Weeks (28-36) Printable Word Lists