Letter F Coloring Pages

Below you’ll find our letter F coloring pages for preschool students! 

As your child works on coloring the letter F, they can also practice the sound of the letter with simple words like “fish”, “fan”, “foot”, “fork”, “fast”, and “flag”.

Depending on your student or child’s progress, you might also consider Introducing additional words such as “feather”, “flower”, “forest”, “fire”, “fence”, and “frog” to help them understand ways the letter F can be used in different words. Practicing CVC words or preschool sight words are great exercises too!

Some other ideas to keep learning engaging include identifying the letter F in words in books or identifying objects that start with the letter F around your home or during outdoor adventures. 

Find the coloring sheets below by clicking on the title, downloading, and printing! Also, remember to explore our other letter F worksheets and printable bubble letter F that includes 19 different letter styles to have fun with!

Letter F Coloring Pages