Letter G Coloring Pages

Here you’ll find our printable preschool letter G coloring pages! 

While your child colors the letter G, guide them in practicing the sound of the letter with simple words that can effectively help them link the letter to familiar words. Start with examples such as “gum”, “gap”, “goat”, “gate”, “gift”, and “gas”. Practicing CVC words or preschool sight words are great practice exercises too!

Introduce more words like “giraffe”, “guitar”, “globe”, “garden”, and “grape” when your child is ready, to help them explore the various ways the letter G appears in different words. You can also discover G-words in books together or identify items that start with the letter G around your home or during outdoor activities. Incorporating songs, stories, or rhymes featuring G-words is another creative way to spur learning! Any kind of variety you can introduce will help to maintain your child’s interest. 

To get the coloring sheets, just click on the title, download, and print! And don’t miss our other letter G worksheets and bubble letter G printable designs that can be used in crafts or coloring activities!

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