Letter K Coloring Pages

Discover our letter K coloring pages designed for preschoolers! 

While your child or student colors the letter K, have them sound out the letter using simple words like “kit”, “key”, “kite”, “king”, “knee”, and “kid”. Check out our CVC words worksheets for practicing additional short words. 

When your student or child is ready, introduce more words such as “kangaroo”, “kitchen”, “kitten”, “koala”, “kayak”, and “knit” to help them discover the different ways the letter K is used in various words. You can also incorporate songs, stories, or rhymes featuring K-words to create a fun learning experience!

As your preschooler becomes more comfortable with the letter K, continue to expand their vocabulary and support them in practicing blending sounds to form longer words. 

Find the coloring sheets below by clicking on the title, downloading, and printing! Also, remember to explore our other letter K worksheets and bubble letter K printables that includes 19 different designs!

Letter K Coloring Pages