Letter N Coloring Pages

Welcome to our preschool letter N coloring pages! 

As your preschooler colors the letter N, encourage them to practice sounding out the letter with simple words that can help them associate it with familiar terms. Start with examples like “no”, “not”, “nap”, “nest”, and “net”. Check our our CVC words worksheets for related activities.

When your child or student is ready, introduce more words such as “noodle”, “night”, “nice”, “nurse”, “nail”, and “nectar” to help them discover the different ways the letter N is used in words. Have fun looking around the house, classroom or outside for items that start with the letter N like “nest”, “necklace” or “newspaper”. 

As your preschooler becomes more comfortable with the letter N, continue to expand their vocabulary and support them in practicing blending sounds to form longer words. 

Simply click on the title, download, and print the coloring sheets below! Make sure to explore our other letter N worksheets and N bubble letters too!

Letter N Coloring Pages