Letter R Coloring Pages

Here you’ll find our preschool letter R coloring pages ready for exploration! 

As your child colors the letter R, encourage them to practice saying the letter’s sound with simple words that can help them recognize and connect it to familiar words. Begin with examples like “rat”, “rug”, “red”, “rose”, “rain”, and “ring”.

Introduce more words such as “rabbit”, “rocket”, “robot”, “river”, “rectangle”, and “raccoon” to help them explore the different ways the letter R is used in various words. You can also search for R-words in books together or point out objects that start with the letter R around your home or during outdoor adventures. 

Continue to expand their vocabulary and encourage them to practice blending sounds to form longer words too. Remember to add variety to your learning activities at home to make things more fun and interesting!

Access the coloring sheets by clicking on the title, downloading, and printing! Don’t forget to check out our other letter R worksheets and bubble letter R printables as well!

Letter R Coloring Pages