Letter T Coloring Pages

Try these letter T coloring pages with your preschool students! 

You can also help your student or child practice the sound of the letter T with simple words like “top”, “tap”, “ten”, “tug”, “toe”, and “tall”.

Introduce more words such as “turtle”, “truck”, “train”, “table”, “tomato”, and “turkey” to help them understand the different ways the letter T is used in a variety of words. Try some other activities too, like if you’re outside identify things that start with the letter T, like “Tree” or “Turtle”.

Just remember to introduce some variety and fun into your learning activities at home, which will help keep your child engaged and motivated! 

To access the coloring sheets, click on the title, download, and print! Don’t forget to check out our other letter T worksheets and bubble letter T activities, which have 19 different font designs for crafting or for more coloring!

Letter T Coloring Pages