Letter Z Coloring Pages

Assist your preschoolers’ learning with our letter Z coloring pages! 

As your preschooler works on the letter Z, help them to practice the letter’s sound with easy words like “zoo”, “zip”, “zigzag”, “zebra”, and “zero”.

Try pointing out Z-words in books or identifying objects that start with the letter Z around your home or during outdoor explorations. A great activity is to try and identify friends at school or family members that have a Z in their name, like “Zoe”, or “Zach”. 

Remember to make learning activities at home engaging and varied to keep your child interested and motivated. 

You can Access the coloring sheets by clicking on the titles below, downloading, and printing. And don’t forget to check out our other letter Z worksheets and Z bubble letters for even more engaging activities!

Letter Z Coloring Pages