Ahiga and the Monster Bear
Reading Comprehension Activity

Ahiga was a young, unassuming boy. Although he had magical powers, he hid it from his village until a monstrous bear threatened them. Students will read the story and answer questions on the actions and characters in the passage.

Topic(s): Fairy Tales & Fables. Skill(s): Summary, Story Elements. Genre(s): Prose

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Ahiga carefully folded his clothes and put them under his thin mattress that lay on the floor. Then he took a braided bow with tassels at one end and put it under the mattress also. “I’ve put my things away, Grandmother. I’m going to do my chores.”

“AGHHHHHH,” screamed a woman running through the village.

The chief warrior, Skecheta, rushed to her. “What is it?!”

“There’s a monster in the woods. He chased me as I set my beaver traps. He  coming after me!”

As her words ended, the roar of a great beast could be heard. Ahiga watched as the warrior cried the war cry. In moments, the village warriors with their bows and arrows raced to Skecheta.

“We must defend our village,” said the chief warrior. “Form a line facing the forest.”

“Excuse me,” said Ahiga, “I can help.”

Skecheta looked down at the young boy. “This is no place for a child. Go home and hide with your family.”

“But-” Ahiga’s words were cut short as a monster bear tore through the trees. It was larger than ten bears put together.

The villagers screamed and ran this way and that way. The warriors set the arrows in their bows and let them fly. The bear moaned then fell.

“YEA!” shouted the warriors. “We stopped the beast.”

Suddenly, the monster bear moved. Then it sat up. The warriors’ eyes widened and their mouths dropped.

“Set your arrows,” yelled Skecheta.

“Excuse me,” said Ahiga, “let me help.”

Skecheta looked sternly at Ahiga as he drew an arrow from his quiver. “GO HOME!”

The bear roared. His eyes glared at the warriors. His dagger teeth dripped saliva.

The warriors let their arrows fly again. This time the bear didn’t fall. Instead he charged toward the village.

Ahiga sped home.

“Grandmother, it’s time.” He dove under his mattress and changed his clothes. Then he grabbed his bow and some arrows. “I must protect you and the village.”

He zoomed back to the warriors and squeezed his way between them. Before the warriors spotted him, Ahiga raised his bow and set an arrow in it. He rubbed his pants with his hand then pulled the string back.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Skecheta saw the boy and was about to push him aside.

Ahiga’s arrow zoomed toward the beast.

“ARRRROOOUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH,” wailed the bear. It fell with a huge thud.

Skecheta stood frozen staring at the bear. Finally he looked at Ahiga. “How? What? I never noticed you before today. You are a magician. Why didn’t you tell us before?”

Ahiga slipped his bow on his shoulder. “My grandmother told me I’d know when it was time to let the village know of my powers. The time was now. I had to use my magic clothes and magic bow to save us.”

Comprehension Questions

Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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