From Tree to You
Reading Comprehension Activity

Students will read a nonfiction passage to learn where oranges come from and the process of turning oranges into juice. Students will answer questions about the main idea and details, author’s purpose, sequence, organizational structure, and cause and effect.

Topic(s): Science. Skill(s): Summary, Main / Central Idea. Genre(s): Informational

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Do you like to drink orange juice for breakfast? If you do, you are like many other kids. Orange juice is a very popular drink! It is sweet and tasty. It can help keep you healthy, too. Let’s find out how orange juice gets to your breakfast table!

Orange trees grow in places that are warm and sunny. When many orange trees are planted together, it is called a grove. Oranges need lots of water to grow. Orange groves are often found near rivers. Some orange trees can grow to about 30 feet high! In the spring, the trees have white blooms. Later, these blooms change into oranges. An orange tree can grow about 1,200 oranges in a year! Some oranges are sold as whole fruit. But most are grown for juice.

When the oranges are big enough, they are picked. Some oranges are picked by hand. Sometimes machines are used to pick oranges. Trucks filled with the tasty fruit are then sent to a place that makes juice.

What happens to the oranges at the juicing plant? First, the oranges are squeezed. Then the juice is put into bottles and cartons. Boxes filled with the bottles and cartons are put onto big trucks. Finally, the orange juice is ready to go to stores. People can then buy and enjoy the tasty juice!

Comprehension Questions

Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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