June’s Lost Shoe
Reading Comprehension Activity

June is very excited to visit Grandpa, but she can’t leave the house until she finds her lost shoe. Will she be able to remember where she left it before it’s too late? After reading the passage, students will answer comprehension questions about the plot and story details.

Topic(s): Realistic Fiction. Skill(s): Summary, Story Elements. Genre(s): Prose

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Every Sunday, June tied her sneakers and walked to Grandpa’s house. Grandpa lived around the block, and June was allowed to walk there by herself. Grandpa would tell her stories about when he was a boy. They also ate ice cream together while they talked. Sunday was June’s favorite day.

This Sunday June got dressed. She put on one sneaker, but she could not find her other shoe. “Mommy, where’s my shoe?”

“I’m sure it’s in your room. Look carefully until you find it. You can’t go until you have both shoes on,” June’s mother said.

June sat on her bed and looked around. Her room was quite messy. There were clothes on the floor and papers on the desk. She wasn’t sure where to start.

Then June remembered a story Grandpa told her. When he was little, he lost a dime that he planned to use to buy his mother a lollipop. He walked back over every spot he had been to that day until he found it. “I had to go in order so I wouldn’t forget anything,” Grandpa said.

June stood up. “I’ll start in the corner and go around the room in order,” she thought. “That way I won’t miss anything.”

June began in the corner where her desk was. Her shoe was not in the pile of papers on top, so she looked under her desk. She found her class photo. “I thought this was lost!” she said happily. She put the photo back on her desk where she could look at all her friends.

Next, June walked along the wall until she got to the corner. No shoe. She turned along the next wall and came to her dresser. She opened every drawer and looked inside. There were lots of clothes and an old baby blanket, but no shoe.

Along the third wall was June’s bed. She pulled back the lumpy covers and looked. No shoe. She looked under her bed. There were some dust bunnies and a big book. “My nursery rhyme book!” June cried. She was happy to have it back.

June pulled the book toward her and saw something behind it. She reached as far as she could to grab it. “My shoe!”

June quickly put on her shoe and ran out the door to Grandpa’s house. “This time I have a story to tell,” she thought happily.

Comprehension Questions

Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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