Pansy Takes a Trip
Reading Comprehension Activity

Author: RV Staff Writer J.C.

Anika can’t wait to get on board for her first airplane ride to her Disney vacation! But when she forgets her favorite doll behind, she is sad — will she ever Pansy again? After reading the passage, students will answer questions on the characters and the plot.

Topic(s): Realistic Fiction. Skill(s): Summary, Character Traits. Genre(s): Prose

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Anika pulled her wheeled suitcase behind her as she followed her parents through the airport. She looked all around her in the huge building that seemed to be filled with thousands of people. It was going to be her first time on an airplane. She was very excited, and maybe just a little nervous. She hugged her favorite doll tight. That made her feel better.

She walked down the narrow aisle of the plane to find her seat with her parents. The tall flight attendant smiled at her and asked where they were going. “Walt Disney World,” Anika said with a smile.

“I thought so,” replied the flight attendant. “Most of the families on this flight are headed that way.” She pointed to her name tag. “I’m Leanne. You let me know if you and your pretty doll friend need anything.”

“Thanks. I’m Anika, and this is Pansy,” said Anika, holding the doll up to show her.

“Nice to meet you both,” replied Leanne.

It was time to get seated and buckled up. The flight was going to be a few hours, so Anika got comfortable. She read a book with Pansy and did some puzzles her mother had packed for the trip. Soon she was getting a little tired, and bored too.

Anika’s mom suggested she try and get some sleep. “That way you won’t be tired when we arrive.” Anika knew her mom really meant she wouldn’t be cranky. But a nap did sound good.

They asked Leanne for a pillow. The flight attendant returned with a pillow, a blanket, and a sleep mask to cover her eyes. “That should keep you warm and cozy,” she said. “Night-night!” She winked at the young girl and walked down the aisle.  

Anika tucked Pansy under the blanket with her and settled in with the pillow. She fell asleep quickly against her father’s shoulder. In no time, it seemed, she was being woken up again because it was time to land. They had arrived!

“Already?” yawned Anika. She wasn’t quite awake yet. Her mother and father were busily packing up. They picked up their bags and jackets, ready to leave the plane. Leanne walked past them, collecting the pillows and blankets from passengers as she went.

“Did you have a good nap?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” replied Anika.

“Good. Now you will have lots of energy to enjoy your visit to Disney World!” She smiled. “Maybe I will see you next week on your return flight home.”

“Do you fly to Disney World every day?” asked Anika. That sounded like fun.

Leanne shook her head. “Not every day, but quite often, yes. I get to fly all over the world. It can be fun to explore new places.” The flight attendant said goodbye to Anika and her parents. “Have a wonderful trip!” She continued saying goodbye to the other passengers as they left the plane.


As Leanne shook out the blankets she had gathered from the seats, the flight attendant was surprised when a doll fell out onto the floor. She picked it up and recognized it as the doll young Anika had shown her. She thought about chasing after the family, but she had many duties to complete before she could leave the airplane. She reminded herself to follow up with the little girl and her doll later. She tucked Pansy into her big purse for safe keeping and went back to work.


Anika was delighted to be in Florida. She couldn’t wait to swim at the hotel pool and then see all the rides at the magical amusement park. When her family got to the hotel, they put down their bags and luggage. Anika thought that she would bring Pansy along to see all the amazing sights with her. She looked around, but she couldn’t find her doll. “Mommy? Daddy? Have you seen Pansy?”

Her parents searched through the bags and jackets. No doll. They looked at each other. They both had the same thought: maybe the doll had been left behind somewhere. They did not want Anika to get upset, so her father said, “Anika, your Pansy will turn up somewhere soon. But for now, how about we go out and explore?”

“Yes, we can search for her later,” suggested her mother. Anika reluctantly agreed. After all, they were here for a week; there was lots of time to look for Pansy. She left the room with her family, excited to get her first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom!


It was the end of their vacation, and Anika had enjoyed nearly every minute of it. She had seen Cinderella’s castle, watched live wild animals on a safari tour, and had taken a ride on many of the attractions in the park. She had even met lots of her favorite princesses too! It had been a great vacation. The only time she got sad was at bedtime when she remembered that Pansy was still lost.

Her family had opened their suitcases and looked hard for the doll. But Pansy wasn’t to be found. They left a message about it with the airline and with the taxi company that they had used. Sadly, it was time to pack up and head back to the airport. It was time to go home.

Anika dragged her suitcase through the airport, less excitedly this time. She was unhappy her vacation was over and still sad she didn’t have Pansy anymore.

When she boarded the plane, Anika was surprised to see that Leanne was one of the flight attendants again. They waved to each other. Once the passengers were all seated, Leanne made her way over to Anika.

“I’m so glad to see you again,” said Leanne, with a big smile. “I have somebody here who has missed you very much!” Leanne reached into her bag and pulled out a familiar face.

“Pansy!” gasped Anika. “How did you …? Where …?” She didn’t even know which questions to ask.

“I knew we would both be on the same flight today. I hope you don’t mind, but while you were on your vacation, Pansy took her own trip with me! We traveled all over the world. She has a few souvenirs from some of the places we visited.”

One by one, Leanne took out various miniature items from her bag. Anika was amazed to see little cowboy boots from Texas; a soft pink beret from Paris, France; cute wooden shoes from the Netherlands; a tartan kilt from Scotland; and a red silk kimono from Japan. Pansy was going to look like an international fashion model with all her new doll clothes.

Anika couldn’t stop smiling. “I can’t believe you found her, and look at all these gifts … and I can’t believe you found me again!” Anika hugged her doll tightly, smiling up at Leanne.

“Well, you can believe it,” Leanne said. She leaned down to the girl, and whispered, “After all, it really is a small world.” She winked.

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